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Male nudity is everywhere now days, so it seems. Ya'll notice this? It used to be such a taboo for men to expose all but now it is becoming commonplace. So many films, cable tv shows, magazines, internet stories, etc., incorporate full frontal male nudity.

Would you be drawn in to seeing a film if you knew in advance there was full frontal male nudity in it? Is it a draw for you?

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My boyfriend got a brazilian trim rather than a wax recently. And I was blown away by the results. The esthetician used a straight razor. But there was no pain and no discomfort. The entire area is smooth like a baby's behind. It looks totally hot. You'd never know it was not a wax. Has anyone else's BF had a trim? I'm wondering why more people don't get trims and skip the painful waxing. Trims are less damaging and as far as I can tell, provide the same smooth, bare result.

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Any opinions on male nudity in film? It has always been a taboo to show full frontal male nudity. Now it is becoming much more common.

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Anyone see "Bruno"? Movies have changed a lot. What do you think of the explicit male frontal nudity in films lately? And particularly the close-up in this film of Bruno's wagging penis?

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I can't believe ads still appear on TV and in print pushing male enhancement products.

Are there guys out there who have really benefitted from products like these? From the pills and the pumps and the creams, etc.? I am assuming none of these products really work...that's why it's hard to figure out how the companies get away with blatantly false ad campaigns.

How do they get away with exploiting men and women's insecurities like this?

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Ok, so if looks are so damn unimportant, why is the plastic surgery business thriving?

If men and women could care less about the shape and size of their partners body parts, why then do the magazines fly off the shelf when someone hot is baring all inside? What's the appeal when the Sports illustrated swimsuit edition hits the shelves? Why is male nudity becoming so popular in films today? If it's all about intimacy and 'what's inside that counts,' why is the porn industry swimming in more profit than others, a billion dollar industry?

Let me ask you directly-honey, does it matter to you? do you care about the shape and look of your lover or partner's body? About the look of their most private parts?

Guys, if your woman wore a AA cup bra, would it matter to you? Gals, do you ever wish he had a little more to work with? A tad longer? Just a little thicker?

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Has anyone had sex between the ears?

Ok, that was a joke. But seriously, do you think your mind plays a big role in what turns you on? Or do you think it is purely animal instinct?

I've often wondered about this issue since I can find so many different things a guy says or does or parts of the body, etc., a turn-on and I wonder where it all comes from because someone else may not find the same things a turn-on at all.

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Anyone have a good idea for an erotic photo? This would be (in keeping with my theme of my journal) an erotic nude of a guy. It doesn't necessarily have to be without subtlety, I mean, it can be something that suggests more than it shows. But I'd like it to be something I could hang on my wall, maybe not in a high traffic area of the house but something that would challenge notions we all seem to have, that we are somehow not sexual beings. I'd love to hear some of your suggestions.

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Is it easy for you to talk about the specifics of what you like and don't like when it comes to sex?

Can you talk comfortably about the appearance of your body and about your partner's body?

Can you communicate your needs and desires easily before you get to the bedroom? Can you communicate openly when you're in the midst of a heated lovemaking session in the bedroom?

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Care to share your secret weapon in the bedroom? That hot technique that is a cinch to drive your partner wild? Is it a certain spot you touch? A particular stroke you use? The flick or slow caress of your tongue? The gentle play or sensual touch of fingers, lips, certain body parts?

...would love to hear about what you respond to most and what makes the passion flow and overflow for your partner.

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